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September 22, 2017
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October 6, 2017

BloorIE Welcomes Sponsored Athletes!

Bloor International Enterprises are pleased to showcase our sponsored jockey, Martin Harley, and our very own Racehorse, BloorieDotCom, in a promotional video that captures a normal morning of training for both Martin and our Racehorse.

The video was shot close to our head office in the racing town of Newmarket, Suffolk, at Peter Chapple-Hyam’s St Gatien stables.

We worked closely with Peter, Martin, BloorieDotCom and Chapple-Hyam’s Training Team at the Stables to ensure that the horse’s regimented training routine was not impacted. The day of filming was executed in a way that gave a realistic, yet cinematic, experience into the routine that BloorieDotCom undertakes in order to be the best he can be.

Athletes like Martin and our Racehorse go through strict training daily in order to remain at the top of their game. Their hard work and dedication to be race-ready are traits that are also reflected here at Bloor International Enterprises and we are extremely proud as a company to have a partnership with a true professionals like Martin, Peter Chapple-Hyam and his team.

We are very excited about these two prospects which are part of a much broader sponsorship portfolio for Bloor International Enterprises. A young Jockey with high aspirations and a young horse with a huge amount of potential together create a very exciting recipe for success!