BloorieDotCom To Run With Martin Harley
September 20, 2017
BloorIE Welcomes Sponsored Athletes!
October 2, 2017

BloorieDotCom Places at Yarmouth

BloorieDotCom ran his second race yesterday, this time at Yarmouth Race Course, with BloorIE’s sponsored Jockey, Martin Harley, taking the reins.

Some bookmakers had BloorieDotCom at odds of 200/1, at long odds compared to any of his competition but this was not reflected in the race itself.

The race itself was 1 mile long, giving BloorieDotCom a much better opportunity to get into his stride than his first outing which was only 6 furlongs long. Out of the starting blocks, BloorieDotCom eased off the pack and sat comfortably at the back – but this turned out to be a tactical decision from the trainer and the jockey.

At just about half way, Martin began to gear up BloorieDotCom’s and simultaneously pulled out to the side of the pack to begin closing down on the leaders. The young 2 year old clearly has an ability to run over long distance and easily found himself within touching distance of the top 3 horses with 3 furlongs left to go!

At this point, Martin and BloorieDotCom were giving it everything and BloorieDotCom overtook the 3rd place runner in the final furlong, finishing just a hair behind second place, and only a horse’s length behind the winner.

Up against some very strong competition and with the odds stacked highly against him, BloorieDotCom showed incredible ability and heart to finish where he did. The bookmakers will definitely not have him at 200/1 in his next race!